Links: website design

In addition to my own website, I have also created websites for various artists, makers and musicians. Some of the designs are no longer online, but below are some of the sites I currently manage:

Martin Dudley - woodturner
My other half and the things he turns out. He is available for workshops, demonstrations and one-to-one tuition.
Paul Hutchinson
Paul is a great accordion player and a brilliant teacher. He wrote a tune for me, 'The Artist', which is one of the loveliest presents I have ever received.
The JubJub Ceilidh Band
Three of us and a caller. Available for hire in East Surrey and nearby.
Rampant Rooster Morris
I don't dance, although they're trying to make me, but I play for this side. A lot.


Ochre Print Studio
I started my printmaking at Ochre, in Guildford. They run a variety of courses as well as open access sessions, and are generally a lovely bunch of people.
Jessica Burnett - photographer
I met Jessica on an artists' forum. Quite a few of my pieces are based on her photographs: click here to see them next to the originals.
Jim Tucker
Jim's assemblages have had an enormous influence on my work. A visit to his studio kickstarted my own assemblage work some years ago.
JVB jewelry
Jessica has a second identity, making silver and gold chain work.
Katerina Waller
I just love her work. That's it.
Noonie Minogue
Exquisite etchings.

Links: music

My other passion, dormant for many years. Since taking up the accordion in 2009, and the whistle in 2010, music has taken over an enormous part of my life. I now play with several bands and ensembles and have recently added bagpipes and flute to my arsenal.

La Petite Vache
French dance music: waltzes, mazurkas, bourrees, played mostly on hurdy gurdy, fiddles and accordions.
The Accordionists Forum
I meet up here with other squeezers, sometimes when I really should be working in my studio...